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A marvellous restaurant
in the heart of Venice


Ristorante La Piazza is set in the very heart of Venice, few steps from Piazza San Marco

Located in the heart of Venice only few steps from Piazza San Marco we invite you to enjoy our award winning authentic Italian cuisine. La Piazza is the ultimate Venetian dining experience. Specialties include traditional venetian dishes, grilled meats, grilled seafood; housemade pastas; pizzas; fresh salads and housemade soups; a wide variety of desserts; and fresh baked bread made daily from scratch.

Our restaurant provides an modern and relaxing interior. We provide to all of our client indoor and outdoor seating so you can enjoy meals all year around. We are open for lunch and dinner daily from 11:00am to 00:00 am midnight!

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Crudità Imperiale
Risotto Scampi Proseco e Ananas

Discover Our Menu

Dumpling of dried salted cod with mush15 €

Mussels,clams and scampi marinated19 €

Fried sardines with cooked onions, pine nuts and raisins15 €

Octopus salad pie with icing of balamic vinegar15 €

Venetians shrimps with mush15 €

Tuna tartare with rocket and gazpacho sauce21 €

Raw big prawns with strawberry cream19 €

Crudites of mediterranean fish26,50 €

Marinated salmon with rocket salad16 €

Mantis shrimps16 €

Oysters5 €

Pilgrim scallops tris20 €

Musky octopus with sauce and mush15 €

Marinated anchovies15 €

Spider crab19 €

Starter of mixed fish22 €

Big “Caprese” salad with buffalo’s mozzarella16 €

S.Daniele raw ham with melon or figs17 €

Toasted bread with tomatoes13 €

Sicilian “Burrata”16 €

Sicilian “Caponata” of vegetables15 €

Carpaccio of beef fillet with rocket salad21 €

Starter italian style19 €

Porcini mushrooms with parmesan slices15 €

“Sopressa” salami with balsamic vinegar and mush pie16 €

Mixed cheese selection20 €

Starter Casanova style22 €

Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink17 €

Fish soup18 €

Fusilli with fresh tuna,capers and basil pesto21 €

Spaghetti big prawns, zucchini and cherry tomatoes21 €

Spaghetti with seafood21 €

Spaghetti with mantis shtrimps and cherry tomatoes19 €

Pappardelle pilgrim scallops and porcini mushrooms21 €

Bigoli in sauce18 €

Spaghetti with clams19 €

Tagliatelle with lobster9 €

Tagliatelle with fresh salmon and vegetables21 €

Spaghetti with tomato sauce12 €

Vegetable soup with toasted bread15 €

Pappardelle with beaf ragout16 €

Tortelloni with porcini mushroom cream19 €

Ravioli gorgonzola cheese, Speck and powdered nuts21 €

Fusilli with bacon and Treviso red chicory19 €

Tagliatelle with Amorini cream and “Burrata” drops20 €

Lasagna with Bolognese meat sauce16 €

Trofie with pesto19 €

Cuttle fish Venetian style with polenta21 €

Sliced tuna with rocket24 €

Mixed fried fish “Ducale” style21 €

Grilled royal scampi27 €

Fish fillet of the day with artichokes25 €

Grilled salmon21 €

Roasted turbot Mediterranean style8,50 €

Grilled Bass8,50 €

Grilled Sea Bream8,50 €

Grilled mixed fish of the day9 €

Fried Calamari21 €

Roasted lobster9 €

Grilled Calamari21 €

Scampi Bursara style or with cognac29 €

Liver venetian style and polenta19 €

Grilled chicken breast19 €

Rare sliced beef with boletus or rocket salad and grana26 €

Fillet with Brandy or Barolo wine29 €

Grilled sirloin steak with balsamic vinegar sauce21 €

Pork escalope with wine, lemon juice or Marsala ine22 €

Chef’s special chicken breast22 €

Fillet with green pepper or Bernas sauce29 €

Chateaubriand with vegetables37,59 €

Grilled or steamed mixed vegetables10 €

Mixed salad9 €

Fried or roasted potatoes8 €

Rocket salad and grana cheese10 €

Spinach10 €

Cabbage10 €

Caesar Salad16 €

Greek Salad15 €

Venetian Salad18 €

Norwegian Salad15 €

Big Salad15 €

Margherita11 €

4 Stagioni14 €

Prosciutto12 €

Prosciutto e funghi13 €

Capricciosa14 €

Diavola12 €

Vegetariana15 €

Napoletana14 €

Pugliese15 €

San Daniele16 €

Ai 4 formaggi16 €

Calzone16 €

Caprese16 €

Casanova21 €

Rustica16,50 €


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